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Road to Clodapalooza : Mod Clodbuster Build up!

Alright folks, this has been a long time in the making. I’m FINALLY getting around to posting it. With all the parts gathering, this build has been a tremendous undertaking locating everything. As you may know from the initial announcement post, and the update, this truck will be going with us (Team Soup) to iHobby […]

Road to Clodapalooza: Stock Clod Parts Gathering

Hey guys, wanted to give everyone an update that some companies have stepped up to help get us everything for the Stock Clod Buster as well. Earlier we gave you the run down of all the Mod Clod parts. Once again, after we compete with it at Clodapalooza/High Voltage Monster Truck Championships, it will be […]

Road to Clodapalooza: Mod Clod Parts Gathering

Hey guys, wanted to give everyone an update that some companies have really stepped up to help get us everything for the Modified Clod Buster. We don’t have most of this stuff in hand yet, but details have for the most part been finalized and we should have everything to get working on the Modified […]

Road to Clodapalooza: Official Announcement

Buckle your seat belts, we’re about to hit the road! The Road to Clodapalooza that is! For those that don’t know what Clodapalooza is, it is a part of the upcoming High Voltage R/C Monster Truck Championships, held at the iHobby Expo in Cleveland, Ohio on October 13-14, 2012. This year is the 25th anniversary […]

Road to VONats: RC10 Restoration Part 1

Just as we had the Road to Clodapalooza last year, we decided to make another article series where we plan and prepare to attend a unique event, but building up some specific rides for it. This year, we plan to attend the 2013 Vintage Off-Road Nationals (VONats). If you didn’t know such a thing existed, […]

RCSoup 2012 – A Year in Review

Wow did 2012 ever fly by… it was a huge year for us. We covered so much stuff in only our 2nd year and continued a great growth streak both in visitor traffic and awareness of our site and what we do. I feel honored we’ve come this far in so little time. Thanks to […]

High Voltage Monster Truck Championships Coverage

The High Voltage Monster Truck Championships were held at the iHobby Expo 2012 in Cleveland, OH. It’s been a long road to this event for us here at RC Soup. Earlier in the year we decided we’d be attending this unique event with the help of Tamiya USA. They provided us with the base for […]

2012 Children’s Miracle Network Charity Raffle Teaser

As most of you know, RCSoup is all about giving back to the community. We do what we do for fun, and not for profit. What little money we do generate from advertising and Merch sales, all goes back into the site, to either pay for travel expenses for event coverage, being able to bring […]

SOUPercharged Rides Contest (Monthly Winners)

We’re kicking off 2012 with a bang. This is our new Reader’s Rides contest. We want to see your R/C’s! There’s a catch though. We need to see your ride showing some love for Soup. Campbell’s Chunky, Generic Tomato, Cream of Mushroom, even Spaghettios, whatever! Snap a pic of your ride with some soup, and […]

Tamiya TXT-2 Agrios Monster Truck Build Up

There’s nothing quite as awesome in this hobby to me as a Tamiya Monster Truck. You’ve seen us build a few in the past including a super-over-the-top Modified Clodbuster as well as a Stock Super Clodbuster. This time around we are tackling their other solid axle beast, the Tamiya TXT2 Agrios. This truck features dual […]

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