Speedys Racing Parts Losi Mini Late Model Mud Plugs

Hello dirt and carpet oval racing fans.

Speedy’s Racing Parts has brought a brand new product to the mini oval racing market. Aimed specifically at the 1/18 scale Losi Mini-Late Model, the new “Mud Plugs” or “Wheel Dotts” are a must have for all of the Losi mini racers out there needing that extra “bling” for their Mini Late Model.

I purchased a few sets recently for my mini-EDM’s and Mini Late Model since our new indoor season at BuddyBoys RC race track begins in about a month. I was looking for some kind of “wheel cover” for my new EDM (Eastern Dirt Modified, bodies by Kipps) body and fellow RC Soup’er Kevin had located a posting on RC Tech for this product from mid-summer, we then located their website, www.speedysracingparts.com and the rest was history. I placed my order via the website and a few days later they arrived as promised. They come in 6 colors, white (dye-able for custom dyed colors if you prefer), red, golden yellow, orange, wine and black.  They are sold in groups of 4.

I quickly opened the packages and began checking out the various colors on my 3 Losi mini oval cars. Installation was a breeze. They literally just pop right onto the wheel. Removal is just as easy w/ a thumbnail, or a small precision screwdriver.

Here we are just before installing on my mini-EDM’s and late model:

Mini EDM before installing “orange” Wheel Dots:

Same car with “orange” Wheel Dots installed:

My 2nd mini EDM pre install:

Same car after installing “yellow” Wheel Dots:

My mini Late model pre-install:

Same car after installing “black: Wheel Dots:

As you can see, these add a very nice realistic touch to the cars overall appearance. I haven’t had the opportunity to drive the car on the dirt but I think these would also serve the same purpose as a true wheel plug keeping any dust, dirt and mud from packing into your wheels.

I give this product 2 Thumbs up!

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