Spice up that Transmitter – Wraps and Grips

Are you bored by your current radio? Does it seem dull? Tired of having the same looking radio as everyone else?

I was.. I bought a used Spektrum DX3R transmitter a few months ago and love it. It already had a black anodized aluminum wheel from Dynamite on it. I think that was a great start to the mods listed below.

Here’s what I started with:

One cool thing I found to improve the looks (and slight performance gain) is a Wheel Grip from PPR Slots. They also sell them on RC Tech. All their special colors are limited run and you should grab them as soon as they are available if there is a style you like. Styles currently available are always listed on the first post of the Tech listing. The performance gain I mentioned is the grip’s grippiness. It’s a little sticky (but not too much) and allows you to keep a firm grip on the wheel.

The Next thing I ordered was a wrap from Upgrade R/C. The design I got is called Reaper. Upgrade’s site is very cool. It allows you to customize all the colors of a design. No matter what colors you choose, the price is the same. You can also add logos of your favorite companies, add your name, and other cool graphics. I pulled the trigger on mine because they have a great sale going on right now. The decal is all pre-cut on thick vinyl material. Very high quality.

Here’s the AFTER shots. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do.

Overall I give both products a huge thumbs up. Love the new look.


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