Traxxas Slash – STRC LCG Chassis build up

While looking at LCG chassis conversions for the 2wd Traxxas Slash, it is hard to overlook  ST Racing Concepts. This is probably the most popular LCG chassis for the 2wd Slash on the market today. It’s premise is to use parts from the Traxxas Rustler, a 1/10 scale, 2wd stadium truck. In addition, there are STRC created pieces to achieve the normal short course truck length. Follow along as we build the STRC Slash.

Here’s what you need to complete this project; The STRC LCG kit itself, which is essentially a few metal plates of various shapes and sizes, is available either directly from STRC, or through several hobby shops throughout the country and online. You will also need a Traxxas Rustler lower chassis, a Traxxas Rustler upper chassis, and a Traxxas Rustler battery hold down.

Part numbers
TRA3722A Lower Chassis for Rustler
TRA3723A Upper Chassis for Rustler
TRA3727A Battery hold down plate
You will also need the hardware to bolt all of that together. There are three flat head screws at the front of the chassis, and two M3x8 self tapping screws to attach the upper chassis to the lower chassis behind the servo.

There isn’t a kit available today from STRC with all of the parts you need to complete the build, but the Traxxas parts are easy enough to find.

Follow along as we build the STRC LCG Traxxas Slash

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