Meet the Pros: Jason Punty – Team RCE

We’ve worked very closely with Jason Punty over the last year or so. We first met him at Motorama in February 2012, and  raced with him at several races throughout the rest of the year. In all of those encounters, we never sat down to meet the man behind Team RCE. We finally had that opportunity at the Supercup race at Newred Hobbies.


How did Team RCE come to be? What gave you the idea for starting the company?

I used to race RC Cars as a kid. Then a few years ago, my cousin Matt (who started RCE with me) went to RC Madness to check it out. He called me from the track, and said dude you need to come check this out, this is a blast from the past. I walked out with a Slash 4×4. At the time it was only the Slash and the Ofna’s in the 4×4 class. My cousin and I are both mechanical, both into full scale racing. We saw the flaws in the design of the chassis, and decided to build ourselves a chassis to race. It grew from there.


What is your favorite thing about RC?

Meeting all the people, I’ve met some really cool people. The majority of the people you meet in this hobby are fantastic. I enjoy that the most.


Whats in the future for Team RCE?

We’ll eventually have a full race roller available from us.  We’re also looking at the Losi SCTE.


What is your favorite soup?

Tomato Soup

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