New 1.9 Beadlock Wheels from Gear Head RC

Gear Head is an aftermarket R/C performance and scale parts brand of Rpp Hobby. You can check them out at

Gear Head is proud to introduce the all-new 1.9 Hammer and Sixer beadlock wheels. Proudly made in the U.S.A. from CNC-machined black Delrin, our new wheels add a custom look to your R/C truck, rock crawler or rock racer.

1.9 Hammer and Sixer 1000x750


Both wheels include (4) Delrin wheels, (4) aluminum hubs, (8) Delrin beadlock rings and M2 screws.
Size: 1.9″
Drive: 12mm Hex
Width (with beadlock rings): 1.00″
Offset: +.025″ (+0.6mm)

Both wheels can also be customized by installing one of several different beadlock ring designs. Just search for 1.9 Delrin ring at

Available exclusively from Rpp Hobby:

GEA19-01 Hammer 01 1000x1000 GEA19-01 Hammer 02 1000x1000 GEA19-01 Hammer on Twin Hammers 01 750x1000 GEA19-03 1.9 Sixer 01 1000x1000 GEA19-03 1.9 Sixer 04 1000x1000

GEA19-03 1.9 Sixer 05 750x1000

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