Vaterra Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3

New today from Vaterra the officially licensed Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3! The 545 hp, twin-turbocharged Nissan GT-R has quickly established itself as one of the most incredible street machines on the planet. The GT-R Nismo GT3 shares the same engine with its street legal sibling, but has been built exclusively for FIA GT3 competition by the Nismo motorsport arm of Nissan. In place of creature comforts like adjustable leather seats and air conditioning are lightweight carbon fiber door panels, a roll cage and racing harness. Aerodynamic enhancements like a front splitter, flat floor and adjustable rear wing add extra downforce at high speeds. It all adds up to a world-class racing machine that can go toe-to-toe with Europe’s best and win.

This outstanding, ready-to-run replica of the 2012 Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 comes just as you see here with an officially licensed GT3 body in place. Its versatile Vaterra V100-C chassis has a built-in front splitter and rear diffuser, just like those on full-scale racing machines. Handling is neutral out of the box, but the chassis offers all kinds of tuning options that let you tailor the handling to your driving style.

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Key Features

  • Officially Licensed NISSAN GT-R Nismo GT3 Body
  • Shaft-Driven 4WD
  • Low Profile Tires On Large Diameter Wheels
  • Waterproof Electronics*
  • Dynamite® 6-Cell 7.2V 1800mAh Ni-MH Battery and Dynamite 2A Ni-MH AC Peak Charger Included
  • Spektrum™ DX2E 2.4GHz Transmitter with Batteries Included
  • Sealed Gear Boxes and Drive Shaft Tunnel
  • Sealed Gear Differentials
  • Double wishbone suspension
  • Adjustable Battery Strap Adapts To Different Batteries
  • Universal Body Mounts
  • Li-Po Ready Electronic Speed Control

Needed To Complete

Nothing! Everything you need is in the box.

Make sure to check out the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 from Vaterra!

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