Teaser: Serpent 1/8 Cobra Buggy Ready-to-Race with Novarossi power

Serpent combines the best of two worlds:

The Serpent ⅛ Cobra Buggy as a Ready-to-race machine, with the worlds most famous engine; Novarossi.  This outstanding Ready-To-Race package is the most exclusive one in the market today, but still very affordable. Serpent is proud to have this unique cooperation with such a high profile company as Novarossi, to create a truly fantastic package for the ⅛ offroad racer. Serpent and Novarossi belong to the oldest and most established rc equipment manufacturers in the world, both share over 30 years of race history and successes. This experience is used to meet the high requirements of today’s serious rc racing customers.

800 4452 800 4465 Cobra B-RTR-GP Cobra B-RTR-GP_04 Cobra B-RTR-GP_06 Cobra B-RTR-GP_23 Cobra B-RTR-GP_33 Cobra B-RTR-GP_49 Cobra B-RTR-GP_63 S811B-RTR-lr-4373

Serpent selected the very reliable, easy to start and high performance Novarossi 3-port XS pullstart engine for the Cobra Ready-to-race project.  The tall cooling head is engraved with both Serpent and Novarossi logo, to show the unique cooperation.

The Serpent Cobra Buggy RTR is designed by rc car race legend and world champion Billy Easton. It is aimed at the customer who has plans to start a racing career and knows he needs top-quality equipment, which can be upgraded to full race spec, as all parts and options from the Race-spec Cobra also fit the RTR Cobra. Proven rc car design, combined with proven engine power.  Serpent – Novarossi.

Full details next week!  Stay tuned.

Product #600003

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