Avid Kyosho/Yokomo Diff Thrust Bearings

Kyosho, Yokomo, and Tamiya owners can upgrade their diff with an AVID caged diff thrust bearing.   The AVID caged bearings make working on your diff much easier, and you don’t have to stress out about losing one of those tiny thrust balls.  You also won’t have to get your hands covered in black grease when applying grease to this thrust bearing because you won’t have to press the balls into the grease.  AVID offers 3 types of diff thrust for varying levels of cost, maintenance, and performance.
thrust 2.6x6 Avid steel
Our tips on which thrust to use are as follows:
  1. Tungsten Carbide ball:  This is what we recommend to most racers.  The balls are more true in size and harder than steel,  so they are smoother and last longer, but diff setting is still relatively easy.
  2. Ceramic ball:  These balls are completely smooth and the hardest material we offer.  This makes for the smoothest feeling, but the diff setting is the most narrow window of adjustment.  Recommended for experienced racers only.
  3. Steel ball:   This is the least expensive ($3 each) and easiest to set the diff.   They do not stay smooth for as long as Tungsten Carbide or Ceramic so there is a small drop in performance for the lower price.


Fits Kyosho RB6, RB5, RT5, and SC;  Yokomo B-MAX2, B-MAX4;  Tamiya TRF201; or any vehicle that has a 2.6mm diff screw and a 6mm thrust washer.  See thrust bearing product pages at www.avidrc.com for updates to other car models that fit this size bearing.
Tungsten Carbide:
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