JConcepts Silencer Body for the TLR 22-4

JConcepts debuts Silencer body design for TLR 22-4 vehicle

The JConcepts design team has spent many hours in development with leading team drivers to develop a new high-speed style body, specifically for the latest circuits.  One of the most recognizable items, the Silencer body style, has now been designed for perfect fit and finish on the TLR 22-4 buggy.


A brand-new, ground up design, the Silencer, has new elements created for the highest speed circuits.   A profiled, Finnisher stance cockpit and forward raised side-pod gives the Silencer an immediate fighting appearance.   A smooth, high-speed transition around the cab, keeps the Silencer heading in the right direction.   Just behind the shock tower rests a small scoop which can be trimmed as air-in or air-out or just left untrimmed adding some redirection at high-speed.


At the front of the side-pods, the heavy chamfer against the chassis has 2 trim lines which can be cut-out for increased flow around vehicle electrical.    At the rear of the cab, two mini-pod outlets can be reamed to size for air exit cooling.     A slight recess just behind the cab with channeling out the rear provides rear-end stability and can also be trimmed for additional flow.   The Silencer side-pods have a clipped rear-end, narrowing the rear by angling in just in front of the rear tires.   The rear side-pods angle sharply toward the shock tower and wing, enhancing the force placed on the rear pods during high-speed acceleration.

The main pods are heavily chamfered near the front and lightly toward the rear allowing plenty of paint and decal access.   The end result has the body looking extremely low-profile with heavy JConcepts edginess and appeal.    The Silencer is capped off with a cock-pit “shark fin” for more high-speed tracking stability and increased roof stiffness.    The package includes two, 6.5” Hi-Clearance wings pre-marked for the TLR 22-4 for the easiest application.



  • JConcepts Silencer styling
  • Forward cab bias, dual channeling rear escape
  • Clipped side-pods with extended runners
  • Cock-pit “shark fin” for added stability
  • Clear polycarbonate with protective film
  • Air outlets available throughout the body
  • Includes two, 6.5” Hi-Clearance wings
  • Includes window mask and decal sheet

Silencer – TLR 22-4 body w/ 6.5″ wing
Part # – 0271
UPC Code – 845937011121
Retail price – $26.00
(Fits – TLR 22-4 kit)

JConcepts – 6.5″ Hi-Clearance wing (fits TLR 22-4 #0271 replacement)
Part # – 0141
UPC Code – 845937011374
Retail price – $14.00
(Fits – TLR 22-4 kit)

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