Serpent Cobra GP Buggy +4 chassis set

Serpent introduces as optional part for the gas powered Cobra buggy, the Plus4 Chassis-set.  This chassis is standard in the new 2.1 Cobra Buggy



+4mm Chassis
The hard anodized chassis is 4mm longer in the rear, creating a more stable rear end, especially better on tracks with short bumps and rough surface.  The great handling on smooth, flat surfaces remains!

Chassis Brace
Longer aluminum rear brace: the longer aluminum brace also helps to make the rear end more stable.  The shorter nylon or aluminum version can also still be fitted.


Longer Rear Center Drive Shaft
To suit the longer chassis a longer rear central shaft is needed

Cobra buggy 2.1_02

No other modifications are needed.

Cobra buggy 2.1_37

600686  -Chassis 811 hard Plus4 upgrade set (3)

600687  -Chassis 811 Plus4 hard

600688  -Chassis brace 811 Plus4 rr alu

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