JConcepts new releases – RC10 Worlds

JConcepts introduces a stylish, durable and lightweight alternative Titanium turnbuckle kit for the popular Team Associated RC10 Worlds car vehicle.


JConcepts is Titanium with the introduction of the Fin turnbuckle sets designed specifically for style, durability and performance.    The base of the shafts design is centered around a .143” titanium hex size which gradually tapers down into a 3mm thread base design which accepts standard JC and AE ball-cup configurations.    The focus of the styling surrounds the lengthened adjustment hex area and the “fin” cuts that rotate about the center.   The Fin turnbuckles are lightweight and the original design brings out the glamour and quality that makes titanium one of the most sought, after exotic materials in the world.    The JConcepts turnbuckles are produced with left and right hand threads with the left being conveniently marked for easy orientation.


JConcepts turnbuckle adjustment wrench is offered separately as part # 2234.



  • Original JConcepts design and “Fin” styling
  • High-grade, machined titanium material
  • Standardized 3mm thread base
  • Left and right hand threads with conveniently marked left
  • Aesthetic jewelry

JConcepts – RC10 Worlds Fin titanium turnbuckle set – 8pc.
Part # – 2229
UPC Code – 845937011640
Retail price – $58.00
(Fits – RC10 Worlds and similar)






Battery braces are a highly visual and critical part of any electric R/C vehicle.    They provide the security of the main power source on the vehicle as well as provide a look and feel to each vehicle while giving the user a quick way of accessing and performing a battery change or routine maintenance to the vehicle.    The Monroe battery brace by JConcepts is highly functional and aesthetic eye-candy, designed from genuine 2.5mm Carbon Fiber, it performs as good as it looks.   With so much variety in today’s batteries and with most vehicles having a flexible mounting position forward and aft, functionality is always a top priority.    With the new battery brace, running different battery positions is possible while maintaining the necessary terminal clearance and providing a healthy holding force to keep everything in tact even in the most demanding conditions or the inevitable crash.    The shape, combined with exotic material and surface finish, tops off an all important look to the vehicle from the inside out.


Carbon Fiber is a conductive material, always neatly route wiring and keep terminals as far away as possible from material.    Running battery terminals in a position where they have the most clearance gives that all important peace of mind and is highly recommended.



  • JConcepts exclusive “Monroe” style and design
  • 2.5mm Carbon Fiber material
  • Available for RC10
  • Design allows battery movement forward and aft
  • Aesthetic eye-candy

JConcepts – RC10 Monroe carbon fiber battery brace
Part # – 2329
UPC Code – 845937011657
Retail price – $15.00
(Fits – RC10 Worlds and Classic)

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