The Inside Soup with Joshua Elliott of Extreme Scale Performance

I was lucky enough to have Joshua Elliott of Extreme Scale Performance, The ESP Show, make time in his busy schedule to give RC Soup…The Inside Soup.


Thanks for taking this time for us Josh. It’s an honor to get to know the man behind ESP. Can you tell RC Soup a little about yourself?
Yeah. My name is Joshua Kaine Elliott. I am a 30 year old lifestyle entrepreneur and aspiring philosopher from good ol’ John Day, Oregon. I have traveled a lot and now reside in Bend, Oregon. I have an amazing wife, 3 pitbulls and I am blessed to be alive.

How did you get into the RC hobby?
I honestly can’t remember, it’s been so long… Pretty sure it was a combination of the Sears catalog, the Tower Hobbies catalog and the Tyco commercials in the early 80’s that started it for me!

What was your first RC?
My first R/C was the original 2 speed “Sonic Thunder” monster truck with the “turbo” controller from Radio Shack back in like ’89 which I still have to this day! After that I had a Tyco Bandit.

What’s your favorite RC?
I would say my favorite R/C is my 14lbs rusty yellow Jeep. It just never quits going!

When did you start filming and how did it evolve into scale rc videos?
I started filming in 2007 in Kailua Kona Hawaii. It actually started with R/C videos for me. I wanted to show my friends and they wouldn’t come with me so I filmed it and put it on YouTube so I could show them conveniently.


Has anyone influenced you in your filming?
I have gotten most of my influence from YouTube legends like LaureninHD, MadRam11, Insane Racing, 1320video, Redbull, ect… None of them are R/C channels surprisingly.


Of all the videos you have published on YouTube which is your favorite?
I can’t say I have a favorite, they are all unique. However I would say the one that really stands out to me because of the different perspectives from collaborating with multiple amazing R/C producers and because the final edit took me forever to put together properly, is “The Producers Project Game of Inches


What is an a day in the life of Joshua Elliott like?
Its like living a dream! I wake up to my beautiful wife and a cup of coffee and I spend the morning interacting with all the awesome people that follow my show! I answer comments, respond to emails, read the posts on my fan page, check all the pm’s, instagram, twitter, forums, ect.. Then depending on what day it is I either wrench on R/C trucks, shoot new video, build on my backyard R/C park or edit and promote. Even though it is a fun job there is always work to be done!


What does the future hold for Extreme Scale Performance?
Extreme Scale Performance has been around since 2007. Just this year I decided to go full time and make it a career. By doing so it frees me up to bring all new fun and amazing content to the viewers! We have new custom builds! New comp videos! Truck & driver spotlights! The controversial “Camping with Coleman” series is back and several new sponsors are stepping up to the table! This is definitely just the beginning for ESP!


Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Final question for today; What’s your favorite kind of soup?
R/C Soup of course 😉




-Kidd Kaos

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