JConcepts B5 Aluminum Honeycomb Motor Mount

Having available option parts for a popular vehicle makes the hobby just that more fun and interesting. JConcepts has rolled out a sweet looking replacement motor plate for the popular RC10B5 and RC10B5M vehicles. With the evolution of race tracks, high flying jumps are becoming the normal obstacle. It’s inevitable that a driver will have a miscue and challenge the rear-end durability of the vehicle. Your racing friends over at JConcepts have taken a lot into consideration while designing and developing a replacement motor plate.


Looking at the typical construction of the second operation processes on standard motor plates, it easy to see why bending is sometimes an issue. The design team at JC have incorporated a honeycomb milling affect with placement more suited to surrounding geometry making the plate lightweight and very rigid in multiple directions. The honeycomb features add a 3D look especially as they remain natural aluminum while the rest is available black or blue in color. Slight chamfering on the 3mm thickness material allows the rather beefy plate to look quite skinny. Honeycomb it out with JConcepts.



  • Precision machined aluminum
  • Lightweight / durable honeycomb milling
  • 3mm thickness material
  • Chamfer highlight edging
  • Available in blue and black colors
  • Aesthetic jewelry

JConcepts – RC10B5 | B5M, aluminum motor mount – honeycomb – blue
Part # – 2353-1
UPC Code – 845937011749
Retail price – $25.00
(Fits – RC10B5 | B5M)


JConcepts – RC10B5 | B5M, aluminum motor mount – honeycomb – black
Part # – 2353-2
UPC Code – 845937011756
Retail price – $25.00
(Fits – RC10B5 | B5M)

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