AKA’s Ryan Cavalieri drove his Team Associated SC10.2 to a ROAR National Championship! With a very dynamic surface at Space Coast R/C in Cocoa, Florida, Cavalieri equipped his SC truck with the Gridiron II up front and Typo in back providing thrust. In practice he showed speed quite early as traction was very low and finished with the top seed for qualifying. Ryan was able to TQ Q2 and Q4 to secure the overall TQ for the triple A-mains. Traction came up for the mains and Cavalieri would switch to a medium compound Gridiron II up front and Soft Typo in the Rear, both with Black (Medium) Inserts. His truck was on rails as he took a tone-to-tone win in both A1 and A2 and went home his second Mod SC ROAR National Title. AKA teammate, Jared Tebo, equipped his Kyosho SC truck with the same tire combination and finished on the podium with a respectable 3rd place overall. Congratulations to both drivers!

cav and tebo

Products Used: (Cavalieri) 13016 Gridiron II, 13015 Typo SC, 33016 Wide SC Insert Medium. (Tebo) 13016 Gridiron II, 13015 Typo SC, 33016 Wide SC Insert Medium, 23001 Cyclone SC Wheel.

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