Team KNK Hardware G6 coming up September 20, 2014

Our friends at Team KNK Hardware are proud to announce their upcoming event, the 2014 Team KNK Hardware G6 on September 20, 2014. It’s an event that’s sure to be a good time! More info below.



Entry Fees:
$20.00 for all adult classes
Kids Class is FREE (10 and under)

Class Descriptions:
1.9” Tire Class
• Description – Any 4wd vehicle running 1.9” tires. This class will be made up mostly of SCX10’s or similar trucks.

2.2” Tire Class
• Description – Any 4wd vehicle running 2.2” tires. This class is where you will find some of your more modified vehicles including Wraiths, Wronchos, etc.

Leaf Spring Class
• Description – Any 4wd vehicle running at least 1 pair of leaf springs. This class is designed for the hardcore scaler. Will include vehicles similar to the Trailfinder 2, Bruiser, etc.

Kids Class
• Description – Any 4wd vehicle. Kids class is just that. They will be permitted to run what they bring. This class is designed for the newbie. (10 and under)

General Vehicle Details
• You are encouraged to make your truck as scale as possible.
• 4-wheel steering or dig is allowed.
• Every rig is required to have a tow strap. Any functional recovery tools you wish to use during your run, you must carry it on your rig at all times. (pull pal, sand ladders, etc.)
• Courses will be tough and made to push the scale vehicle’s limits. This is to encourage competitors to improve their rigs from one event to another.
• Winches are HIGHLY recommended!!!!! Expect to use a winch.
• Water proofing is recommended. Expect your rig to get wet.
• Tires must be a factory made tire. They can be snipped, trimmed, etc. (no cut and shut)

Rule #1 – NO HAND OF GOD. (HOG) A G6 is all about driving. In keeping with the essence of the r/c scale scene a driver may not assist, stop, catch, or kick his/her vehicle. There are no penalties for electric winching or using your tow strap with help from another competitor or for reverses, so DRIVE SMART! The penalty is a DQ for hogging your scale vehicle. Performing on course repairs or having to touch your vehicle for recovery purposes is not hogging. Picking your vehicle up out of water, mud, sand, or rolling it over onto its wheels with your hand is all examples of hogging your vehicle, thus resulting in a disqualification. If this happens, log the HOG incident in your drivers log book and report it to KNK central.

Rule #2 – HAVE FUN! The G6 is the most popular scale adventure event in the World.

Course points and penalties:

Hand of God (HOG) = Disqualified (DQ)
Gate Marker: +5 min
Trail Repair (no penalty)
Winch (no penalty)
Technical Challenge +/-10 min
Bonus Sections -10 min
Drivers Challenge -10 min
Stage Challenge -10 min

– Driver Log Book – G6 works on the honor system. All Drivers will be on stage, driving at the same time. The driver log book must be maintained and the necessary information must be logged. Filling out your log book correctly and accurately is important. It will include Gates, Technical Challenges, Drivers Challenges, etc.

– Driver Challenges are tasks that the driver must complete. A driver never knows what he or she will have to do, but rest assured, it will provide spectators entertainment. Some examples of drivers challenges would be airsoft target shooting, corn hole, etc.

– Stage Challenges have drivers keeping their eyes wide open for objects of desire. A stage challenge that a driver completes will net them a time bonus. These challenges often include picking up extra cargo along the route and returning it to KNK Central.

– Stage etiquette should be adhered to at all times. Make 3 attempts at a trail obstacle and then winch or receive assistance from a fellow G6’er. Drive smart. There is no penalty for winching or having a fellow G6’er assist you. Faster drivers have the right of way.

– All scale items must remain attached to the vehicle. If sand ramp has to be used, it has to be replaced back on the vehicle. It is mandatory that all vehicles have a tow strap.

– Pit Repairs -[No Penalty] – Every G6’er knows that sooner or later, no matter how much preparation went into their G-Ride, something is going to break. In the G6 Challenge, any breakage that happens on stage, must be repaired then and there. If the repair cannot be made on stage, then a G6′er may make a Pit of the way of fellow G6’ers, that is perfectly ok, but if a driver needs to make the repairs in the pit, they need to head straight to the pits. After the pit repair has been completed, the driver must return to the spot where they removed their scaler from the stage and continue. There will be no penalty when a driver removes his/her scaler from the stage for a Pit Repair. A driver’s time will not stop for Pit Repairs. A driver must finish with the scaler that they started with. No switching of scalers, if a scaler cannot be repaired, the driver must immediately inform KNK Central of their DNF.

– Battery recommendations- The G6 is going to consist of 2 loops. Each loop will have a max time limit of 3hrs (may be completed in less time). Know your rig and bring enough batteries to make it thru. You are permitted to change batteries on the course with no penalty.

– Gate Markers – There will be gate markers throughout the course. You will be required to pass thru the marker in the intended direction. If at any time you hit one of the markers the GATE is dead. Log it in your book and move on. (2 markers make up 1 Gate)

– Technical Challenges are required challenges. If completed you will receive a time deduction. If you are unable to complete you will receive a time penalty. Log these in your book as they are completed.

– Bonus Stages – Keep an eye out while on the course. There may be several of these bonus stages. These can include deep water holes, steep hills, etc. They are NOT mandatory but if completed will result in a time deduction.

Additional Rules and Regulations:

NO ALCOHOLIC beverages or ILLEGAL DRUGS will be permitted on site at any time. If at any time someone is caught breaking this rule they will be asked immediately to leave forfeiting any fees they have paid and will be disqualified from the competition. We are having a family friendly event.

Fighting will not be tolerated. We are all grown adults lets act like it. If there is a disagreement on a call it can be brought to the Contest Directors attention. All decisions are final. Please watch our language when there are children around.


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