Axial SCX10 Ram Power Wagon Unboxing/First impressions

Axial just released the SCX10 Ram Power Wagon. For you Dodge lovers out there, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. I wanted to get some initial running on this truck tonight, but the skies opened up. The water didn’t bother me, but the lightning told me I better stay inside for tonight.

In the absence of running video, I’ll take you through some of the features of the truck and give you my initial impressions.



This RTR includes the Axial AX-3 Radio. It features channel reversing, steering dual rate, and only uses 4 AA’s. (Not included). I have this exact same radio for my Wraith, and the range is incredible. It’ll reach further than is practical for an RC car.


The Ram Power Wagon comes with the new AE-5 ESC, which will run 3S (YES!) and is waterproof. It also has two shunts that allow you to select whether you are running Lipo or Nimh, as well as selecting 50% Drag Brake or 100% Drag Brake. Both of these are changeable without having to go into the internal settings of the ESC.


One thing I don’t like is that it comes with a Tamiya style connector. This will get changed pronto.


Even the on/off switch gets the waterproof treatment, with this little rubber cover protecting it.


As I was pulling the truck out of the box, my daughter couldn’t help but snap a few candid pictures. She loves the color on this truck.



I think this was a very nice touch on the body. The bed is actually a separate piece. They are bolted together, but the look is very scale. It also allows you to unbolt the bed and just use the cab if you have other ideas in mind.


This new SCX10 also gets the new Tactic TSX-45, metal geared High Torque servo. I believe it is also waterproof.


The front axle is tied to the chassis with a 3 Link setup. There are  3 points connected to the axle, with the top link actually being a Y Connector.


The rear is a 4 link setup. Both front and back are plastic links, as were the steering links.


I plan to put a lot of miles on this truck. We’ll keep you posted on how well this truck performs!


Checkout that iconic grill.


Ripsaw tires on 1.9″ wheels

20140908_220639 20140908_221353

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