Pro-Line Converts the PRO-2 into a Stadium Truck

See how to convert your PRO-2 SC or PRO-MT into a PRO-ST Stadium Truck!


The latest installment of the PRO-2 series of kits from Pro-Line Racing brings fourth a shorter wheel base platform ushering a new waive of custom builds. So many times I hear “I wish they would bring back the Stadium Truck Class”. Truth be told, you and I are “They”.  What we bring to the track determines what “They” run.  If we want the Stadium Truck class back then we need to bring them to the tracks and run them. With the 11.2” (284mm) wheel base on the PRO-MT, the first thing that popped into my mind was a Stadium Truck conversion. Stadium Truck racing goes all the way back to the 80’s and can be argued as the starting point for all forms of RC truck racing as we know it today. It is where I got my start many years ago and I still hold a passion for these fine racing machines. With the growing resurgence of interest in the Stadium Truck class recently, it’s time take a look at what can be done to create one from the PRO-MT kit. So let’s build us a PRO-ST Stadium Truck Conversion!

To read more, hit up the Pro-Line blog! Link below.

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