Cavalieri, Tebo, and Ronnefalk make AKA sweep at NEO!

Ryan Cavalieri snaps his 2nd place finish streak with a stellar performance in the NEO Final. Cavalieri would start on pole and quickly jump out into a 5-sec lead with his Typo equipped buggy. Teammate Jared Tebo, fresh off of a pair of wins at Silver State rolled that confidence over to England and kept the pressure on Cav with a one less pit strategy and some blazing fast laps on Handlebars. David Ronnefalk had a rough start to the final but kept his head down, Typos on the dirt, and worked all the way back up to 3rd. Congratulations to all three drivers on a spectacular finish!


Tires used:
Cavalieri – Typo (Clay), Red Inserts, EVO Wheels
Tebo – Handlebar (Clay), Red Inserts, EVO Wheels
Ronnefalk – Typo (Super Soft), Red Inserts, EVO Wheels
All tires mounted with AKA Premium Tire Glue

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