Venom New Release -King of Shaves P1 56” RTR Gas Boat with Clutch

Venom has upgraded the King of Shaves P1 RTR Gas Boat to include a clutch as a standard part. This not only allows for easier tuning, but also allows for safer starting and launching since the propeller is not spinning. The user can now set their boat in the water with the boat at idle instead of having to toss the boat in the water at full throttle. Bringing your P1 King of Shaves boat back to the dock is also much easier, since the boat can be slowed down without fear of stalling the engine.

The clutch is for easier starting/launching and is not meant for extended periods of idling the engine. This could cause engine damage due to lack of water flow.

Standard Features:
• Hand-laid fiberglass hull with Licensed King of Shaves
• VR3S 2.4Ghz 3-Ch transmitter & micro receiver
• Sealed radio box
• 27 oz fuel tank
• 26CC 2+ HP water-cooled marine engine
• Stainless steel tuned quiet pipe
• Quick-release 1/4 turn hatch release
• Arneson style CNC machined aluminum outdrive
• Aluminum Clutch

Age Rating: 14+ With Adult Supervision
Hull Length: 55.75″ (147cm)
Overall Length: 62.5” (158.8cm)
Beam: 13 “ (13 cm)
Height: 8” (20.3cm)
Weight: 16 lb (7.25 kg)
Hull: Hand-Laid Fiber Glass
Engine: Venom 26cc Gas 2-Stroke
Radio: Venom VR3S 3-Ch 2.4Ghz Transmitter, & Micro
Receiver (8186)
Servos: (2) Metal Gear High Torque (1825)
Batteries: 12AA (8 for the Transmitter, 4 for Receiver)

Visit Venom’s website for more information


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