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MIP 1/5th Scale, 54mm Racing Clutch, 8-Shoe

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: LONGER-LASTING, PUNCHIER, LIGHTER, and REBUILDABLE! These four descriptive words embody what MIP’s new 1/5th scale clutch is all about. As any well aware and conscientious 1/5 scalier knows, the stock clutch is non-rebuildable, its heavy, loses its edge in the first 15 minutes and fades quickly after, and most of all it takes […]

Venom New Release -King of Shaves P1 56” RTR Gas Boat with Clutch

Venom has upgraded the King of Shaves P1 RTR Gas Boat to include a clutch as a standard part. This not only allows for easier tuning, but also allows for safer starting and launching since the propeller is not spinning. The user can now set their boat in the water with the boat at idle […]

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