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MIP 1/5th Scale, 54mm Racing Clutch, 8-Shoe

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: LONGER-LASTING, PUNCHIER, LIGHTER, and REBUILDABLE! These four descriptive words embody what MIP’s new 1/5th scale clutch is all about. As any well aware and conscientious 1/5 scalier knows, the stock clutch is non-rebuildable, its heavy, loses its edge in the first 15 minutes and fades quickly after, and most of all it takes […]

Creating Your Own Vinyl Numbers and Graphics on Web Site

Let me start off with this…… Have you ever gone to the track and seen all those cars with cool looking numbers and sponsors on them? When you go to the parts counter and buy parts, all you see are those generic looking numbers and you just wonder where those other guys get their numbers […]

MIP Header Lock Wire Kit, Losi 5ive-T

Ask any 1/5 scale owner if they have had their header pipe come off during a run, and without a doubt we know the answer will be YES! This doesn’t happen due to lack of maintenance but rather a poor design as the bolts vibrate loose even with the application of red thread loc. As […]

MIP X-Duty Rear C-Drive Kit, Axial Yeti

What do you get when an off-road race car meets a rock crawler? Well the dynamo combo gives you a Rock Racer! Axial has dived in head first and given both bashers and racers a car that they can get excited about, the Yeti! Since the Yeti comes with a stock plastic rear driveshaft, we […]

MIP X-Duty C-Drive Kit, Vaterra K-5 Blazer Ascender

“What a cute little truck,” is what you will say after first laying your eyes on the Vaterra K-5 Blazer Ascender; but what you will find out is that this little guy will rip up the ground and subsequently rip up center drive axles in the process! That’s why we have taken our crawler, race, […]

Paul Peterson wins at Round 1 of Late Model Triple Crown

Checkout this race report from Team Soup driver Paul Peterson from Round 1 of the Late Model Triple Crown Presented by Attitude RC Raceway Well, it took me a week to do my race review. Last Sunday was my biggest win to date…. I started the day qualifying 4th out of 25 Dirt Late […]

MIPnews:#14160 &14170 MIP Pucks, Shiny Drive System, Team-C Evo Buggy, TR2 SC & TC02T Stadium Truck

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: MIP would like to introduce the drive system of the future, for all Mod 2WD vehicles; MOD #14160 MIP ‘SHINY’ PUCKS™ SYSTEMS!!!! These systems are of steel construction, keeping to relatively the same overall weight that you are used to with your steel OEM drivetrain; but giving you the added benefit of MIP […]

MIP Race Proven Rally Upgrades

Ten Rally-X 4WD #13120 MIP Pucks™, Drive System, Center, TLR SCTE 2.0, MIP Pro4mance™ Pack, Ten Rally-X MSRP: $75.00 UPC: 691545131207 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: MIP Pucks™ Drive System for the  TLR SCTE 2.0, MIP Pro4mance™, and Ten-Rally is a low rotating mass center drive system made from 7075-T6 Aluminum. This drive system removes 40% of the rotating mass, resulting […]

MIPnews: MIP Spline CVD™ Center Drive Kit for Axial SCX10: Updated kits

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: MIP center drive shafts for the Axial line of vehicles are nothing short of legendary in the rock crawling community. But, for a while now the Axial SCX10™ drive shafts were in need of a face lift to incorporate the running changes that have occurred over at Axial including their outputs now featuring […]

#14260 MIP Pucks™, MIP X-Duty C-Drive Kit, RC4WD Gelande II

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: New RC company in the ‘true’ scale off-road world has been making a big splash, RC4WD. Cool new product coming out of their doors is the Gelande II, looking like a 1/10 scale version of a Toyota Land Cruiser! Being that it’s RC we naturally wanted to provide aftermarket parts for it and […]

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