#14260 MIP Pucks™, MIP X-Duty C-Drive Kit, RC4WD Gelande II


New RC company in the ‘true’ scale off-road world has been making a big splash, RC4WD. Cool new product coming out of their doors is the Gelande II, looking like a 1/10 scale version of a Toyota Land Cruiser! Being that it’s RC we naturally wanted to provide aftermarket parts for it and the MIP X-duty Center Driveline was a natural choice. Tested for years on the Axial line of products, the same super durable X-duty driveline is now available for the Gelande II. Get what your True Scale Gelande II needs, MIP X-dutys!!!!


RC4WD Gelande II

Durability Proven X-duty Design

Made from High Grade Alloy Steel
Heated Treated
Spline Drive Technology
Xtra Durable Construct
All Metal Design
100% Made in the USA

MIP Confetti Sticker (2), MIP Thread Gel Safety Sheet (1), MIP Instruction sheet (1),  Diff Lube & Grease Cup (1), SHSS M4 x .7 x 5mm Cup Point (6), SHSS 8-32 x 1/8” Flat Point (4), 3/32 x 5/8” Cross Pin (4), ¼” x 3/8” Coupling (4), Drive Hub (4), Female Bone (2), Male Bone (2)

2mm Allen Key – (Suggest #9008 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 2mm)

RC4WD Gelande II (Z-K0001)


#1147   MIP CVD™ Rebuild Kit, Race Duty and 1-8th MT MSRP: $12.95
#8111   MIP CVD™ Spline Bone, Female, Axial AX10 (1) MSRP: $15.00
#8139   MIP Spline CVD™ Male Bone Short, Traxxas E-Revo (1) MSRP: $15.00
#10142 HW-PIN/ Ø3/32 x 5/8in Replacement Cross Pins (4) for 1/8, X-Duty, Monster Truck Kits MSRP: $10.00
#11111 MIP X-Duty CVD™ Drive Hub 5mm Shaft (1) MSRP: $12.00
#99023 HW-Pin, 3/32 x 5/8 Solid Pin (4) MSRP: $7.00
#99031 HW-SHSS, 8-32 x 1/8 Flat Point (8) MSRP: $3.50
#99032 HW-SHSS, M4 x 5mm Cup Point (8) MSRP: $3.50


#14260 MIP Pucks™, MIP X-Duty C-Drive Kit, RC4WD Gelande II
MSRP: $80.00
UPC: 691545142609

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