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Refresh those Crawler Axles – CowRC Udder Butter

On my Axial Ram Power Wagon, I don’t hesitate when it comes to the water and mud. Between TTC’s, G6’s, trail running, and running in the sand, my bearings are starting to squeak their objections. Time for a tear down and clean up. It’s easier to do this kind of job on the Axial SCX10 […]

Axial SCX10 – Making Custom Suspension Links

The ready-to-run Axial SCX10’s come with plastic suspension links. They are fine for a while, but inevitably you will find that they are too flexible. There are a few options here. You can buy Axial upgrades, which are aluminum links. You can buy any number of aftermarket replacements, ranging from aluminum to titanium, or you […]


On Saturday, January 24, we attended the 1st annual Krawlfest at the Market at Rotors, Rudders and Wheels in Belleview FL. This was a G6 style event, with approximately 130 gates. The course was broken down into 4 sections, A, B, C, and D. Starting with A, each section grew progressively more difficult. This was […]

Axial Ram Power Wagon- Installing Scalerfab goodies

The Axial Ram Power Wagon’s bumpers are lexan, and are a part of the body. They offer no protection at all. That being said, I went looking for an upgrade. Scalerfab happens to have a full size version of this truck, so they were quick to pick up the 1/10 version, and also quick to […]

Florida Scale Trail Runners Pre G6 Event Coverage

Last weekend (September 28, 2014) I had the pleasure of attending the Florida Scale Trail Runners Pre G6 at Scott Springs in Ocala FL. This was a 100 gate (200 if you made both laps) course through the park to test man and machine. The idea was to get the hang of what we are […]

Hot Racing Differential Locker for Axial

Hot Racing has taken a page from Tekin’s, “smarter, smaller, faster” guide book and has released an aluminum differential locker for the Axial lineup.   Though, to be more accurate, “smarter, smaller, lighter” would be a good title for this new release from Hot Racing.  Looking to remove the need for a diff housing, provide […]

MIPnews: MIP Spline CVD™ Center Drive Kit for Axial SCX10: Updated kits

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: MIP center drive shafts for the Axial line of vehicles are nothing short of legendary in the rock crawling community. But, for a while now the Axial SCX10™ drive shafts were in need of a face lift to incorporate the running changes that have occurred over at Axial including their outputs now featuring […]

Unboxed! : Axial SCX10 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition RTR

The C/R Edition is the newest flavor of the ever-popular Axial SCX10 line of scale crawling trail trucks. Below is some information from the initial press release. Axial’s latest offering is a Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon featuring components that are considered the hottest in the aftermarket arena. Rigid Industries is one of the most popular […]

ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Aluminum Rear Lock-outs for Axial SCX10

Upgrade the rear plastic axle lock-outs of your Axial SCX10 with high quality CNC Machined Aluminum lock-outs from ST Racing Conccepts. Adding great looks and greatly increasing the strength of the rear drive axles, these lock-outs works with the stock straight axles or our stainless steel axles (STA30421). The precision of these aluminum machined lock-outs […]

STRC 4 link conversion for SCX10 and Chassis Kit

ST Racing Concepts has released a couple of new products for the Axial SCX10. ST Racing Concepts Aluminum Front 4-link upper suspension links conversion kit for Axial SCX10 Our 4-link upper suspension link conversion kit replaces the stock “Y” link setup with a two-piece and more adjustable upper front suspension link set-up.  The included 4-link […]

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