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Refresh those Crawler Axles – CowRC Udder Butter

On my Axial Ram Power Wagon, I don’t hesitate when it comes to the water and mud. Between TTC’s, G6’s, trail running, and running in the sand, my bearings are starting to squeak their objections. Time for a tear down and clean up. It’s easier to do this kind of job on the Axial SCX10 […]

Schelle B5 Aluminum Topshaft and Ceramic Gearbox Bearing Sets

Schelle Aluminum Topshaft for B5 and B5M The Schelle Associated B5 Aluminum Topshaft is the perfect upgrade for a B5 and B5M kit. Lightweight and precision machined, the topshaft will increase acceleration and make your gearbox whisper quiet. Schelle team drivers have been running pre-production parts at events like the OCRC Stock Nationals, NorCal Kings, […]

Tekno RC – New Rear Gearbox, Aluminum Servo Horns, and Hex Adapters

Check out some new hotness from Tekno RC!   Tekno RC is proud to announce a new rear gearbox option for the EB48 and SCT410 (TKR5016B). This new gearbox is slightly angled upward to minimize the drive angles and increase efficiency. Furthermore, this helps to reduce wear on the driveshaft for increased longevity. New larger […]

Associated SC10 Refresh with AVID RC & Viper

This is my Team Associated SC10 2wd Short Course truck. It started life as a standard kit (not the Factory Team). I’ve done minor upgrades through the couple years I’ve owned it and adding a few more today. With as little as I run 2wd SC, I find it hard to justify a new SC10.2 […]

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