Associated SC10 Refresh with AVID RC & Viper

This is my Team Associated SC10 2wd Short Course truck. It started life as a standard kit (not the Factory Team). I’ve done minor upgrades through the couple years I’ve owned it and adding a few more today. With as little as I run 2wd SC, I find it hard to justify a new SC10.2 kit with as much as I’ve already done to this kit. There are a couple annoyances I’ve had with this truck that I’m hoping to rectify. Some are performance, some are just maintenance. The products I’m installing are from AVID RC and Viper RC.

The mods I did to the kit prior to this article include:

  • RPM Front Arms
  • RPM Front chassis brace/bumper
  • Kyosho Velvet Shocks from the Ultima SC
  • MIP Shiny CVD’s for the T4
  • Stainless Steel screw kit
  • V2 Slipper clutch
  • AJS Machine battery wrench battery hold down
  • Aluminum servo mounts
  • 12mm Hex Conversion

For electronics I was running:

So here’s my old and busted SC10 before…P1080681

The duck tape is a requirement on the local carpet track, if you are wondering what that’s all about.

P1080683 P1080684  P1080686

I then pulled the wheels off.. and was looking at this.. This is one of the most annoying things about this truck. The hexes tend to get stuck in the wheels and then you have to try to pry them out. Those days are about to come to an end.


So here it is with the wheels off. This will make it easier to work on.


Here’s what I’m installing:



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One Response to “Associated SC10 Refresh with AVID RC & Viper”

  1. Tony says:

    Great article – though you should have gotten rid of the RPM parts. The heavy front bumper and skid completely changes the weight distribution and drags on the ground. The arms flex like wet noodles.

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