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Avid D413 Hard-Anodized Aluminum Chassis Set

The Hot Bodies D413 Aluminum chassis by AVID is born from a winning pedigree, our IFMAR World Champion winning B44.2 aluminum chassis. We took what we had learned from that and refined the design by lowering the ballast weight even more into the chassis, oversized chamfers on the bottom corners for increased stability during those […]

Avid RC Hex Track Width Spacers | Carbon | 1.0 and 0.5mm

The Avid 1/8th Hex Track Width Spacers (17mm) are a great way to adjust the width on any 8th scale buggy or truggy without having to change out your hubs. Typically this will help stabilize a vehicle by increasing track width and scrub. You can choose from two sizes, 1.0mm and 0.5mm, or just order […]

Avid RC Titanium Ball Studs | AE 5.5 & XRAY 4.9

When looking to lighten your vehicles without sacrificing strength, one of the best solutions is to replace some of your steel components with Titanium. So today Avid RC is releasing our Titanium Ball Studs in two popular ball sizes: 5.5mm ball for the Team Associated B5/B5M and SC104x4 and a 4.9mm ball for the Xray […]

AVID Hot Bodies D812 Carbon Arm Inserts

New from AVID! Our Hot Bodies D812 Carbon Arm Inserts offer your buggy another great tuning feature by reducing the flex and twist in the arm. After extensive testing, we found that the jump between the stock plastic insert and a 1.5mm carbon insert was too drastic of an adjustment. The solid carbon insert was […]

1/8th Wing Mount Buttons in Black and Hard Anodize Finish

Avid RC AV1805 1/8th Wing Mount Buttons are not just another piece of jewelry, although they might be mistaken for it.  They are designed with an aerodynamic profile to avoid upsetting airflow to the rear spoiler, and most importantly, the under-side has serrated grippers to help keep your wing secure.  The serrated bottom also prevents […]

AVID Associated Motor Centering Set with Long Aluminum Topshaft

In an effort to further optimize the Associated B4.2, T4.2 and SC10.2, AVID introduces the Associated Motor Centering Set. The B4.2 and related platforms are all heavy on the left rear, which also make an imbalance on the front tires. By shifting the motor, motorplate, and slipper 5mm towards the right, the balance is restored […]

AVID Associated Carbon Fiber ESC Shelf with Standoffs

The AVID Carbon Fiber ESC Shelf takes conventional ideas one step further with our innovative slotted design.  The AVID design team created a versatile system that works with both stick and shorty battery pack types, as well as allowing for all popular battery brands/models.  Racers can buy the ESC shelf “a la carte” or buy […]

AVID TLR 22 Slotted Battery Bulkhead

The AV1022 TLR 22 Slotted Battery Bulkhead is a must-have for the serious Losi racer. The slotted design allows you to run never before available battery locations which can help the car in all conditions. For racers running the shorty pack, you can move the battery forward an additional +15mm versus a fixed position of […]

AVID B44.2 Aluminum Center Cap

The AVID B44.2 Aluminum Center Cap is a fresh take on the design which keeps your chassis secure and makes the car easier to work on. The AVID design eliminates 4 screws for the original cap and instead directly links the front and rear upper decks with taper mounts that key into the upper decks. […]

Triad TLR Aluminum Topshaft with 5.5mm slipper nut for TLR 22, 22T, 22 SCT

Whether you run a TLR slipper or the AVID Triad, racers everywhere will be upgrading their TLR 22, 22T, and 22 SCT to eliminate the special “mini” kit slipper nut and use a standard 5.5 mm hex driver to set the slipper clutch. The AV1020-TOP-TLR22 was born partly for necessity, partly for convenience, and we […]

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