AVID Associated Motor Centering Set with Long Aluminum Topshaft

In an effort to further optimize the Associated B4.2, T4.2 and SC10.2, AVID introduces the Associated Motor Centering Set. The B4.2 and related platforms are all heavy on the left rear, which also make an imbalance on the front tires. By shifting the motor, motorplate, and slipper 5mm towards the right, the balance is restored close to 50/50. Re-balancing the rear end weight also affects the front tire weights, and with the entire package back to equilibrium, you get a car that turns more predictably left and right. On the track, the car feels like it rotates faster and more evenly through both left and right turns. Stock racers will love the 6.7g savings in rotating mass!

AV1025-SET AV1025-SET_oncar AV1025-TOP

  1. Improved weight bias for symmetric left/right hand rotation through turns.
  2. 7075 Aluminum Hard-Anodized Long Topshaft (weight 4.0g, 6.7 g rotating weight savings).
  3. Set includes 5mm aluminum spacer, 5mm slipper spacer, and stainless steel mount screws.
  4. Fits all B4.2, T4.2, SC10.2, SC10B and previous models.


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