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JConcepts Aluminum Front Suspension Brace – SC10, B4, T4

Front-end protection is critical on all R/C vehicles.  JConcepts is once again on task with the release of the aluminum front suspension brace for the Team Associated B4, T4 and SC10 line of vehicles.    The all aluminum machined and anodized brace is spot on in terms of geometry, fit, finish and position.   The edging has […]

JConcepts Aluminum shock bottom pivot ball set

JConcepts adds front and rear shock bottom pivoting geometry parts to the hefty accessory line-up for the Team Associated line of vehicles. As racing circuits take on slightly more demanding conditions, it’s only natural for the vehicles to be under heavier duress. It’s somewhat common for the rear shock to become loose as time goes […]

New DE Racing Chassis Brace for Team Associated B4, T4, & SC10

New from DE Racing, a Chassis Brace for Team Associated B4, T4, & SC10 race vehicles, the product that maximizes your racing dollar by increasing the life and durability of your Team Associated race vehicle while maintaining its sleek stock appearance. This brace keeps your vehicle on the track and out of the pits, virtually […]

AVID Associated Motor Centering Set with Long Aluminum Topshaft

In an effort to further optimize the Associated B4.2, T4.2 and SC10.2, AVID introduces the Associated Motor Centering Set. The B4.2 and related platforms are all heavy on the left rear, which also make an imbalance on the front tires. By shifting the motor, motorplate, and slipper 5mm towards the right, the balance is restored […]

Centro C4.2 Conversion Kit for RC10B4.2 Buggy now available in US

The Centro C4.2 Mid Motor Conversion kit for the B4.2 is now available for pre-order on (and other US dealers)! Designed specifically for very high-traction surfaces, the Centro C4.2 Mid Motor conversion for the B4.2 features a hard aluminum one-piece chassis, and an all-new molded gearbox and bulkhead assembly that positions the motor in […]

JConcepts new AE Ball-cup assortment – Rib and Wedge style

Tie-rod ends on 1/10th vehicles are under serious duress and with the ever evolving racing surfaces and layouts, a heavier duty design is required. JConcepts has gone to the drawing board and designed 2 different ball-cups which compliment the Team Associated assortment of vehicles. Ball-cups pop on and off as a requirement of their base […]

AVID Associated Carbon Fiber ESC Shelf with Standoffs

The AVID Carbon Fiber ESC Shelf takes conventional ideas one step further with our innovative slotted design.  The AVID design team created a versatile system that works with both stick and shorty battery pack types, as well as allowing for all popular battery brands/models.  Racers can buy the ESC shelf “a la carte” or buy […]

JConcepts- B4, T4 & SC10 2.5mm carbon fiber steering rack

It’s hard to make an improvement to the race proven B4.2 buggy.   However, JConcepts has pulled another option out from under their design sleeves with a genuine Carbon Fiber steering rack and hardware kit.     In the stock trim, the B4.2 steering swings a molded plastic steering rack supported by bushings.      The JConcepts alternative uses the […]

RPM Front A-arms and Bulkhead for Associated B4, B4.1 & B4.2

RPM A-arms for the Associated B4, B4.1 & B4.2 were designed to solve several customer-related complaints about the stock A-arms. Foremost is durability. Our B4 front A-arms are designed to withstand some serious abuse! We’ve redesigned the entire front end, replacing the stock front bulkhead with a version that helps spread impact forces over a […]

JConcepts – SC10, T4 (F&R) and B4 (rear) anti-roll bar kit

Control is everything and especially in truck racing where the center of gravity is high and the trucks are narrow in width. Having a stable and race-able platform is the key to success and JConcepts has made that easier for racers with a Team Associated SC10, T4 or B4 vehicle. The JConcepts anti-roll-bar kit is […]

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