JConcepts Aluminum Front Suspension Brace – SC10, B4, T4

Front-end protection is critical on all R/C vehicles.  JConcepts is once again on task with the release of the aluminum front suspension brace for the Team Associated B4, T4 and SC10 line of vehicles.    The all aluminum machined and anodized brace is spot on in terms of geometry, fit, finish and position.   The edging has been slightly chamfered to remove sharp corners and adds extra luster to an already polished looking piece.   The tightened design eliminates extra bulk and weight with deep cutouts.   The upper ledge has more surface area and serves the perfect position for the JConcepts.net logo for brand authenticity and loyalty.   As a bonus the new front suspension brace is designed around and includes a heavy-duty 4-40 x 5/16” button head screw instead of the stock 2/56 screw set.   Protect and connect with style, add JConcepts.



  • Precision machined aluminum
  • Chamfer highlight edging
  • JConcepts.net etched logo
  • Available in blue and black colors
  • Designed for 4-40 screw
  • Aesthetic jewelry



JConcepts – B4, T4 & SC10 aluminum front suspension brace – blue

Part # – 2280-1

UPC Code – 845937009869

Retail price – $15.00

(Fits –Team Associated B4, T4 & SC10)

JConcepts – B4, T4 & SC10 aluminum front suspension brace – black

Part # – 2280-2

UPC Code – 845937009876

Retail price – $15.00

(Fits –Team Associated B4, T4 & SC10)

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