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JConcepts new release – TLR 22 2.0 and 22-4 Fin turnbuckle sets

JConcepts is Titanium with the introduction of the Fin turnbuckle sets, designed specifically for style, durability and performance. The base of the shafts’ design is centered around a .143” titanium hex size which gradually tapers down into a 3.5mm thread base design which accepts the TLR HD ball-cups. The focus of the styling surrounds the […]

JConcepts – Silencer TLR 22 2.0 MM body

JConcepts, out to Silence the competition, debuts new Silencer body design for TLR 22 2.0 MM vehicle.   The JConcepts design team has spent many hours in development with leading team drivers to develop a new high-speed style body, specifically for the latest circuits.  One of the most recognizable items, the Silencer body style, has […]

CRC Rocket Fuel Saddle Packs

Rocket Fuel Saddle Packs CRC‘s new saddle packs have the power AND capacity to take your saddle pack ready machine to a victory. The choice of top racers like Billy Fischer, Dave Henry, Rick Redmin and the Sousa brothers of Derek and Mark. CRC packs have won the major offroad races The Dirt Challenge and […]

JConcepts – TLR 22 front axle conversion

One of the best upgrades you can make to the TLR 22 line of vehicles is to convert the front axle to a more user friendly design.   A critical point of the conversion revolves around the front axle and surrounding geometry, the crew at JConcepts has provided a great alternative.    JConcepts has conveniently built the […]

Exotek Steering Rack Conversion for Losi 22/T/SCT

There is no shortage of hopup parts for Losi’s 22 series of vehicles, some of them are for bling (do people still use that word?) others for function. Exotek’s Steering Rack Conversion kit covers both. I had noticed that the steering rack in my 22SCT had become quite sloppy over this summer racing season so […]

JConcepts – TLR 22, 22T and 22SCT aluminum honeycomb motor mount

Having available option parts for a popular vehicle makes the hobby just that more interesting in fun.     JConcepts has rolled out a sweet looking replacement motor plate for the popular TLR 22, 22T and 22 SCT vehicle line.   With the evolution of race tracks, high flying jumps are becoming the normal obstacle.   It’s inevitable that […]

TLR Racing Unveils the TwentyTwo 2.0

TLR Racing has unveiled their newest car, the 22 2.0. TLR 22 2.0 2WD Buggy Kit In the pursuit of excellence, little details all add up to considerable differences as any competitor can testify. Paying attention to those details will have profound effects on the end result, leaving you faster and leaving your competitors further […]

AVID TLR 22 Slotted Battery Bulkhead

The AV1022 TLR 22 Slotted Battery Bulkhead is a must-have for the serious Losi racer. The slotted design allows you to run never before available battery locations which can help the car in all conditions. For racers running the shorty pack, you can move the battery forward an additional +15mm versus a fixed position of […]

Triad TLR Aluminum Topshaft with 5.5mm slipper nut for TLR 22, 22T, 22 SCT

Whether you run a TLR slipper or the AVID Triad, racers everywhere will be upgrading their TLR 22, 22T, and 22 SCT to eliminate the special “mini” kit slipper nut and use a standard 5.5 mm hex driver to set the slipper clutch. The AV1020-TOP-TLR22 was born partly for necessity, partly for convenience, and we […]

Pro-Line March 2013 NEW RELEASES

Pro-line Racing has a few new releases for March. Check them out below. For more information visit their website at   Pre-Painted Flo-Tek Body This is a Painted and Partially Trimmed/Stickered Short Course Body.  Pro-Line is pushing the limit of body development by providing a pre-Painted and Partially Trimmed/Stickered Short Course body to get you to the […]

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