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JConcepts new release – TLR 22 2.0 and 22-4 Fin turnbuckle sets

JConcepts is Titanium with the introduction of the Fin turnbuckle sets, designed specifically for style, durability and performance. The base of the shafts’ design is centered around a .143” titanium hex size which gradually tapers down into a 3.5mm thread base design which accepts the TLR HD ball-cups. The focus of the styling surrounds the […]

TLR Racing Unveils the TwentyTwo 2.0

TLR Racing has unveiled their newest car, the 22 2.0. TLR 22 2.0 2WD Buggy Kit In the pursuit of excellence, little details all add up to considerable differences as any competitor can testify. Paying attention to those details will have profound effects on the end result, leaving you faster and leaving your competitors further […]

Serpent Releases the new 1/8 Cobra E-buggy 2.0

Checkout the latest release from Serpent, the Serpent Cobra 811 Buggy Be 2.0 1/8 4wd Main new features new wider rear end with new geometry for more rear traction and an easier handling car with wider sweetspot rear shockabsorbers moved to the back of the shocktower longer rear shocks; with longer housing and shockrods for more travel […]

Losi announces TEN-SCTE 2.0 Kit

The TEN-SCTE platform is one of the most successful 4WD electric short course chassis of all time. It has dominated its class at tracks all over the world and proven it has what it takes to win a ROAR National Championship. The TEN-SCTE 2.0 kit builds on the success of this racing juggernaut with innovative […]

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