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Schelle B5 Aluminum Topshaft and Ceramic Gearbox Bearing Sets

Schelle Aluminum Topshaft for B5 and B5M The Schelle Associated B5 Aluminum Topshaft is the perfect upgrade for a B5 and B5M kit. Lightweight and precision machined, the topshaft will increase acceleration and make your gearbox whisper quiet. Schelle team drivers have been running pre-production parts at events like the OCRC Stock Nationals, NorCal Kings, […]

MIP Full Race Top Shaft & MIP Bypass1™ Team Tuned Kit – B5/B5M

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: As physics plainly puts it, Force x Mass = Acceleration. By transferring over to MIP’s one-piece Aluminum Top Shaft you will decrease the amount of moving parts (OEM three-piece design), and most importantly shed about 66.5% of the rotational mass equating to increased acceleration! The Top Shaft comes in at a feather light […]

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