STRC 4 link conversion for SCX10 and Chassis Kit

ST Racing Concepts has released a couple of new products for the Axial SCX10.

ST Racing Concepts Aluminum Front 4-link upper suspension links conversion kit for Axial SCX10

Our 4-link upper suspension link conversion kit replaces the stock “Y” link setup with a two-piece and more adjustable upper front suspension link set-up.  The included 4-link plate provides the upper links with 3 different positions to adjust the width of the span between the two upper suspension links.  The included mounting screws are also long enough to have spacers added to adjust the angle of the suspension links as well.  Requires Axial AX80005 turnbuckle ends and AX80018 ball links for the ends.  Available in anodized black, gun metal, and silver.

 STA30484BK/GM/S CNC Machined Aluminum Front 4-link upper suspension links conversion kit for Axial SCX10.  MSRP: $14.99


ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined 4mm Aluminum Custom Build Chassis Set

Based off of our new STA30502S short wheelbase chassis kit, this chassis includes the following:

1)      4mm CNC Machined Aluminum chassis rails x2

2)      4mm CNC Machined Aluminum skid plate side plate x2

3)      CNC Machined 18mm aluminum posts x4

4)      Front 4-link plate x1

5)      Hardware pack

This kit is aimed at experienced builders who like to use their own desired length of suspension links that they have in mind for their particular custom build.  This chassis is designed to be used with Axial center transmission set (AX30487), Axial Bumper mounts (AX80125 and AX80126) and SCX10 skid plate and chassis cross members (AX80026), however it can be coupled with Axial, Tamiya, HPI, and other front and rear drive axles depending on the builder’s project in mind.  This chassis kit can serve as a base for a trail rig build, crawler build, rock racer or a solid axle Monster truck build.  Available in Black, Gun Metal and Silver anodizing.


STA30504BK/GM/S CNC Machined 4mm Aluminum custom build chassis set.  MSRP: $49.99

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