Meet the Pros: Hevis – PRW

While visiting Pemberton Raceworks, I got a chance to meet Hevis. He’s their company mascot. He tried telling me he was the brains of the operation, but I didn’t believe him. He is a Snowbirds celebrity and a staple of the Pemberton crew. He was generous enough to let me ask him a few gripping questions. Thanks for the interview Hevis!


Name: Hevis

Hometown: Whitesboro, NY

Sponsors: Futaba, Castle Creations, Pemberton Raceworks, Sarah & Emily Boylan

Day Job: Drawbridge Oiler

What is your most memorable moment in racing? Pictures are worth a thousand words.

How many years have you been racing? 2 years.

How did he get involved in RC Racing?  They found me in an attic, threw out my brother because he had a mildew infection, and I survived. I negotiated a mascot contract with Pemberton Raceworks in 2010.

Do you prefer Electric or Nitro? Electric!

Any tips for new RC racers? Don’t drive from the hood of the car. Drive from the stand.

What is your favorite racing class? 1/10 Figure 8 Racing.

Do you do any R/C besides Off-Road Racing? Just Figure 8.

What is your favorite type of soup? Cream of Pepperoni Soup.

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