Thunder Tiger Nitro TS4n Plus 3.5 Touring Car 2.4GHz RTR

New out from Thunder Tiger is the Nitro TS4n Plus 3.5 Touring Car 2.4GHz RTR

Scorch the asphalt with this touring car terror

ts4n 1

With a powerful nitro engine and the confident control of four wheel drive, Thunder Tiger’s TS4n Plus 3.5 puts drivers right in the action of thrilling touring car competition. Ready-To-Run convenience gets this racer out on the track fast; the sturdy aluminum chassis is designed to keep it there while other cars are heading to the pits.

A 3 mm anodized aluminum countersunk chassis allows the TS4n Plus to dominate right out of the box!

ts4n 2

The Pro-18BX engine delivers incredible horsepower and RPM, while weighing less than half a pound.

luxe engine


  • Triple belt, four wheel drive
  • Low CG design
  • Pro-18BX pull-start engine
  • Innovative oil-filled (plastic molded) shocks
  • Injection-molded tie rod and turnbuckle
  • Anodized aluminum upper deck
  • Cougar GP2 2.4GHz radio system
  • Heavy-duty steel dogbones
  • Reinforced front upper arm mount
  • Adjustable belt tension cam
  • High performance metal manifold
  • Dual chamber tuned exhaust pipe
  • Molded receiver and battery box
  • Roll bar

Wheelbase: 10.2 in (260 mm)
Height: 5 in (125 mm)
Weight: 52.5 oz (1500 g)

Available: Now

TTRD1801 Nitro TS4n Plus 3.5 Touring Car 2.4GHz RTR-Red. . . . . . $229.99
TTRD1803 Nitro TS4n Plus 3.5 Touring Car 2.4GHz RTR-Orange . . . $229.99



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