Serpent Cobra Truggy 1/8 Electric Conversion kit

For the Serpent Cobra Truggy 1/8 , Serpent introduces a conversion-set to electric powered version

serpent truggy

The set includes all items needed to convert, apart from the electronics.  The set also includes the brand new superb looking E-Truggy bodyshell, which is a lot lower, narrower and smaller than the GP version.

The battery-cases allow for EFRA / ROAR legal packs, higher packs can be mounted too.  Both buggy and truggy type BL motors will fit, of the main brands.

serpent truggy parts

The Cobra E-buggy has already proven to be one of the best E-buggies in the market. The front mounted motor combined with the very low longitudinal mounted batteries in the rear works extremely well for balance and performance, and make the E-truggy super easy to drive and jump with.

All items are available separate as well. Above the specific Truggy parts. The other E-parts cross over from the  E-buggy Cobra, and are readily available.

If this market develops well, Serpent will also release the full E-truggy kit and a RTR version in 2014.


Parts Included

600666  Conversion set to Cobra T-e

600667  Chassisplate aluminum  811-T-e

600668  Battery radiobox 811-T-e

600669  Driveshaft center RR 811-T-e

600670  Driveshaft center FR 811-T-e

600671  Shocktower carbon RR 811-T-e

600672  Chassis Brace Fr/Rr 811-T-e

600673  Bodymount Fr/Rr 811-T-e

600674  Body-truggy  811-T-e with mask

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