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Tekno RC announces ET48.3 1/8th Competition Electric Truggy Kit

Since the release of the original ET48 in December of 2013, we have been continually improving our products.  Over the years we have tested hundreds of parts, released dozens of meaningful options, and we have improved the overall setup of the ET48.  The original ET48 was a huge improvement on the truggy platform in general […]

DE Racing SpeedLine PLUS Truggy

CONTINUING TO REINVENT THE WHEEL!!!!! Turning up the heat once again, DE Racing unleashes a new game changing wheel on the truggy circuit.  The DE Racing SpeedLine PLUS Truggy delivers maximum corner control and stability by utilizing our “Sure Lock” foam retention system.  This system, comprised of radial ribs that lock the wheel and foam […]

Arrma Kraton 6S

Speed + Strength = Unstoppable! That pretty much sums up the Arrma Kraton 6S!   Check out the all-terrain tires – ready to give you top performance where ever you go.   How about the 2.4GHz radio that’s included with the vehicle?  And don’t forget this vehicle give brushless performance.   Oh – and you […]

Serpent Cobra 1/8 e-Truggy

Serpent introduces the 1/8 Cobra as E-Truggy – Super narrow E-Truggy chassis with new E-Truggy body to match. The Serpent Cobra e-truggy is the electric powered version of the very popular Cobra gas powered Truggy. Serpent created the E-Buggy Cobra a few years back, with the motor front mounted together with the speedo, receiver and […]

Serpent Cobra Truggy 1/8 Electric Conversion kit

For the Serpent Cobra Truggy 1/8 , Serpent introduces a conversion-set to electric powered version The set includes all items needed to convert, apart from the electronics.  The set also includes the brand new superb looking E-Truggy bodyshell, which is a lot lower, narrower and smaller than the GP version. The battery-cases allow for EFRA […]

Serpent Cobra 811 Truggy TE 1/8 GP

Serpent Cobra Truggy version TE, gas powered 1/8 scale 4wd high end competition version in kit form. 4wd gas powered version, based on the successful Cobra Buggy. The ultimate competition racing truggy, for high end competition use. Designed by Serpent designer/racer Billy Easton, USA. This new development for Serpent Cobra Truggy is mainly created to […]

Team Durango DNX408T Teaser

Team Durango has a released a teaser pic for their soon to be released DNX408T 1/8 Truggy. Can’t really tell much from the picture, but I know around here we’re like like a giddy preteen girl seeing Justin Bieber for the first time.  

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