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Tekno RC announces ET48.3 1/8th Competition Electric Truggy Kit

Since the release of the original ET48 in December of 2013, we have been continually improving our products.  Over the years we have tested hundreds of parts, released dozens of meaningful options, and we have improved the overall setup of the ET48.  The original ET48 was a huge improvement on the truggy platform in general […]

Tekno RC EB48SL Electric 1/8th 4WD Competition ‘Super Light’ Buggy Kit

Checkout this release from Tekno RC, and their all new Superlight Buggy.   At Tekno RC, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and responding to popular  demand.  After releasing the original SCT410 4×4 SC truck, many people were ‘converting’ the SC platform into a 1/8th scale buggy that utilized the lighter drivetrain and […]

Tekno RC – SCT410.3 1/10th 4WD Competition Short Course Truck

TKR5507 – SCT410.3 1/10th 4WD Competition Short Course Truck Tekno RC is proud to announce the newest revision to our stable of innovative RC vehicles – The SCT410.3 1/10th 4×4 Competition Short Course Truck.  The SCT410.3 is an updated version of the original SCT410 with a slew of new parts and improvements. The SCT410.3 leapfrogs […]

Billy Fischer goes with Tekno RC

Tekno RC is proud to announce a huge addition to the team – industry veteran, Billy Fischer.  Billy is well known around the world for his speed, setup knowledge, and willingness to help others off the track.  He is already up to speed and will debut his new ride at the upcoming Silver State Nitro […]

Tekno RC LCG Lightened Motor Mount Insert for SCT410

The LCG Lightened Motor Mount Insert will lower the motor of your SCT410 by 5mm!  It is compatible with all Pro4 motors (any standard 36mm diameter motor).  Lowering one of the heaviest parts of the vehicle by 5mm will have a noticeable effect on handling, resulting in faster cornering and less mistakes due to traction […]

Tekno RC announces new Aluminum Differential Cross Pins

Tekno RC is pleased to announce our new Aluminum Differential Cross Pins (TKR5149A) for use in our line of 1/8th scale vehicles (EB48/NB48/ET48/NT48) as well as the SCT410.  The new aluminum cross pins are lighter than the stock cross pins and reduce rotating mass in the differentials by 6.3 grams. Less rotating mass results in […]

Tekno RC Shock Cap Bushings

Tekno RC is pleased to announce the release of our Shock Cap Bushings, part number TKR6007, as a separate item. We have received many requests from our customers to offer the Shock Cap Bushings as a stand-alone item and we are happy to help keep maintenance costs down by offering the bushings in a convenient […]

Tekno RC Releases New TiNi Rear Shock Shafts for NT48 and ET48

Tekno RC is pleased to announce new TiNi coated rear shock shafts for the new NT48 Nitro Truggy and ET48 Electric Truggy.  The new rear shafts (TKR6061T) feature the latest Titanium Nitride coating to ensure the smoothest operation in any condition.  It also provides improved strength and surface properties that allow the shaft to travel […]

Tekno RC signs Curtis Door

We just received this little press release from Tekno RC: Tekno RC is proud to announce that Curtis Door has signed on for the 2014 season.  Along with an incredible driving talent, Curtis brings a wealth of setup knowledge and dedication to the RC industry.  Curtis will be running the full line of Tekno RC […]

Tekno RC Releases New Spindle Carriers for EB48 and EB48.2

Tekno RC is pleased to announce new Spindle Carriers (15 degrees caster, left and right) for EB48 and EB48.2.  The 15 degree spindle carriers are ideal for bumpy or blown out tracks and replace the stock 10 degree spindle carriers on the EB48 and EB48.2.  They provide more stability in low-bite conditions and make the […]

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