Tekno RC Releases New Spindle Carriers for EB48 and EB48.2

Tekno RC is pleased to announce new Spindle Carriers (15 degrees caster, left and right) for EB48 and EB48.2.  The 15 degree spindle carriers are ideal for bumpy or blown out tracks and replace the stock 10 degree spindle carriers on the EB48 and EB48.2.  They provide more stability in low-bite conditions and make the vehicle easier to drive.  Constructed of durable composite material, they are a direct upgrade for the EB48 and EB48.2 electric 1/8th scale buggies.  The 15 degrees spindle carriers are stock on the NB48, and will be stock on the NT48, and ET48 vehicles.


Combined with the chassis kick up and ability to adjust that angle with the front inner hinge pin inserts, the total caster on the vehicles can be adjusted from 25 deg (single dot insert up), 25.5 deg (double dot insert up), 26 deg (insert middle), 26.5 deg (double dot insert down) and 27 deg (single dot insert down) total caster.  The new Spindle Carriers are sold in pairs and are available now.


Part Number: TKR5042B
Description: Spindle Carriers (15 degrees caster, left and right)
MSRP: $13.99
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