Pit Tip – Cooling down

This is a quick pit tip from our friend Tyler Prinzivalli. Tyler’s a CT native that calls RC Madness his home track. He currently runs 2WD and 4WD short course and has nearly 20 years experience in the hobby, starting with his first truck: a Tamiya Blackfoot.



fanElectric power has come a long way in the last 10 years – but unlike gas engines, if run for long periods of time, electric motors will keep heating up until they fail. So how can you get the most run time out of a track day? Wire a spare motor or ESC fan to plug directly into a battery pack. Between runs, rest the fan so it’s blowing on your motor / motor plate to help cool off faster between runs. Since the fan pulls so little power, even an 1800 mAH pack will last a whole track day. REMEMBER THOUGH – the outside of the motor cools off much faster than the inside – so make sure to wait long enough before running again. Also, if you use a lipo to power the fan, keep a close eye on the voltage of the battery to avoid over-draining the battery.

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