MaxAmps 2 cell pack 8 hours of run time!?

How long do those battery’s last? Ever get that question?

Before we get started a little back ground on me,
I am Tim Smith and some of you may know I do a lot of high speed RC racing but when I am not doing that I LOVE every style of RC out there and am always hunting for a new way to enjoy this awesome hobby.

Recently I have fallen in love with doing “trail running or trail crawling”. For those that are not familiar this is not “crawling” as you might think its more about heading out with some buddies and hiking all over trails and riverbeds. Pushing your vehicle and self to the limit.

I have been a driver for MaxAmps going on 7 years now and I have gotten the question more times then I can count “How Long do those MaxAmps cells last” and wanted to know too, So I thought about it and figured what better way to find out then to go out and Trail run until the pack hits low voltage cut off.



Details: I used my own truck because I wanted the truck to have the kind of power I would use, sure we could have gone with a very soft motor or a HUGE battery but I wanted this challenge to be what anyone would normally use, no tricks or gimmicks.

Truck: Axial SCX10 Honcho,
Motor: Novak Ballistic 13.5 Brushless motor,
Speed Control: Novak GTB2 esc,
Battery: MaxAmps 8000 mah 2 cell lipo

**On board GPS recording distance, time and avg speed.

The rules are easy, using a single 2 cell 8000 mah MaxAmps pack I started at 9:15 am and ran non stop, No Touch until the battery hit Low Voltage Cut off (6.5V) I had three other trucks following me to turn me over but other then that it was up to me and the truck to conquer the trail.

Amazingly, at 5:20 pm the pack finally hit LVC!!

8 hours and 5 minutes using a single MaxAmps lipo pack!


We took photos every 15 minutes and streamed them live to my FB, instagram and Twitter (Tim Smith Racing) through out the day. Below are some shots as the day progressed.





IMG_20140315_120047 IMG_20140315_114543




IMG_20140315_095917 IMG_20140314_170516


Thank You to my team that went step for step with me all day during this challenge. Mike Foerster, Mark Medina, Jerry Ellifritz and James Williams.

Also Thank you to MaxAmps, Novak, CowRC,Boca Bearings, PitBull Tires


Stay Tuned for a 24 hours challenge I am planning in the coming weeks……

find me on Facebook, instagram or Twitter “Tim Smith Racing”

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