ST Racing Concepts Hop ups for Associated B5 and B5M

ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Aluminum Front Bulkhead (25 Deg.) and HD Front Hinge-pin Brace for Associated B5 and B5M

Increase the front end durability of your Associated B5 series buggy with our high quality precision CNC Machined aluminum front bulkhead and HD hinge-pin brace for the Associated B5 and B5M. The aluminum bulkhead increase the durability of the front end of your buggy and an aluminum bulkhead is a great way to add a bit of weight to the front of the buggy to help assist in tuning for more steering out of your buggy. The set-screw over hinge-pin design provides long life for the aluminum parts as the hinge-pin will not wear down the bulkhead over time. Combine with our CNC Machined aluminum heavy duty front hinge-pin brace for an even further improvement in durability. The hinge-pin brace helps prevent the front inner hinge-pins from twisting and bending in an event of a bad crash. The combination of the two option parts also adds great factory look to your B5 buggy as well.

Available in Blue, Light Gun Metal, and Silver anodizing.



STC91364B/GM/S CNC Machined Aluminum Bulkhead (25 Deg.) for Associated B5 and B5M Buggies. MSRP: $17.99

STC91398B/GM/S CNC Machined Aluminum HD Front Hinge-pin Brace for Associated B5 and B5M Buggies. MSRP: $7.99


ST Racing Concepts Graphite Battery Straps for Associated B5 and B5M

Upgrade the stock plastic battery strap on your Associated B5 and B5M with stiffer, precision cut, high quality graphite battery straps. Made from high strength woven graphite, these battery straps for your new associated B5 buggy will increase the security of holding down your lipo race pack while adding great factory looks to your Associated B5 buggies.



STC91456 Graphite Battery Strap for Associated B5 Buggy (Rear Motor Config) MSRP $19.99

STC91534 Graphite Battery Strap for Associated B5M Buggy (Mid-Motor Config) MSRP $19.99

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