RPM Oversized Front Spindle Blocks for ECX Boost, Circuit 2wd, Ruckus 2wd & Torment 2wd

RPM Oversized Front Spindle Blocks for the ECX Boost, Circuit 2wd, Ruckus 2wd & Torment 2wd are  designed to solve several issues reported to us by RPM customers. The first and most obvious is bearing life.   The stock 5x10mm bearings simply can’t handle the loads generated by these little monsters. RPM Oversized   Front Spindle Blocks bump up the bearing size to 5x11mm bearings (not included). One millimeter in diameter   may not seem like much but that little change nearly doubles all load and fatigue ratings over the stock bearing   size! That means better performance, longer life and more time between maintenance periods.


Secondly, we designed our spindle blocks to outlast, outperform and outshine the stock versions. Each   set of RPM spindle blocks is molded from our ultra-durable, world-renowned blend of engineering grade   nylons to keep you rolling when everything else would have fallen apart! Our versions retain all stock geometry   for a direct, no complications swap and are backed by our limited lifetime warranty against breakage. Bolt some   American made muscle on your ride and you’ll get to the finish line every time!

Tech Notes: RPM Oversized Front Spindle Blocks replace stock ECX #1089 and the spindle blocks from ECX   #234000. 5x11x4mm bearings are not included and are required for completion. Stock 10mm bearings will not   work with RPM versions.

#73292 Front Spindle Blocks – Black

UPC #672415732922

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