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RPM Racing Caster Blocks for the ECX Boost, 2wd Circuit, Ruckus & Torment

Don’t let failed caster blocks ruin your day of fun. RPM Heavy Duty Caster Blocks for the ECX Boost, 2wd Circuit, 2wd Ruckus & 2wd Torment are designed to prevent downtime and keep you running! We redesigned the overall geometry of the caster block, increasing the thickness of the walls in key breakage areas by […]

RPM Oversized Front Spindle Blocks for ECX Boost, Circuit 2wd, Ruckus 2wd & Torment 2wd

RPM Oversized Front Spindle Blocks for the ECX Boost, Circuit 2wd, Ruckus 2wd & Torment 2wd are  designed to solve several issues reported to us by RPM customers. The first and most obvious is bearing life.   The stock 5x10mm bearings simply can’t handle the loads generated by these little monsters. RPM Oversized   Front Spindle Blocks […]

RPM Front Arms for the ECX Ruckus/Torment/Circuit

One of the most demanded RPM A-arms recently is for the ECX Torment, Ruckus & Circuit. You wanted them; we made them! These new arms are everything you’ve come to expect from the leader in molded aftermarket A-arms. They’re stronger than stock, beefier to help survivability during those unexpected incidents and built to tighter tolerances, […]

ECX Trucks now available with brushless power

ECX has announced that their popular Torment SCT and Ruckus monster truck are now available with brushless power! Brushless Torment This Torment™ SCT comes with the brushless power you crave and everything you need to hit the ground running in one box. Whether you want to take on the world of short course racing, or […]

Xtreme LCG chassis for the ECX Torment – Install

This past summer, we reviewed the ECX Torment. It is a 1/10 scale 2wd Short Course Truck from the guys at Horizon Hobby. The ECX brand has a line of cost effective ready to run models, ranging from 1/10th scale monster trucks to a 1/8 scale nitro buggy. The ECX Torment is great for a […]

ECX Torment RTR Short Course Truck Review

The ECX line of vehicles is Horizon Hobby’s answer to the entry level market. The Torment came out last year and is a great way to get into Short Course racing on the cheap. It’s especially good to get for someone who is a newcomer to the hobby (think your 5 year old, so you […]

ECX Chassis Extensions from Xtreme Racing

Extend the wheelbase of the ECX Circuit Stadium Truck and ECX Boost Off Road Buggy with this frame extension from Xtreme Racing. Choose your color from Black, Blue, Orange, Red or Digital Camo. Extend your chassis today for better handling over the jumps and over rough sections with a frame extension. It can be used […]

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