Schelle B5M Aluminum Rear Ballstud Mount

The Schelle B5M Aluminum Rear Ballstud Mount is a must-have to replace the kit plastic part on a B5M.   Impeccably designed and precision machined, the lightweight ballstud mount adds durability in addition to increased tuning options.  Along with standard kit width mount holes (middle hole on the Schelle part) there are option inner and outer holes which give added fine tuning for the upper links.  Available in either Black or Blue anodized versions.

B5M Aluminum Rear Ballstud Mount Features:

  1. Increased durability and new tuning adjustments at only 5.7g total weight.
  2. Added inner and outer tuning holes with close spacing for fine adjustments.
  3. Upper side raised +2mm and lower side lowered -2mm for a optional “flipped” installation to run all possible inner pivot heights.
  4. Precision CNC machined, anodized, and machined with silver edges for a premium look and fit.
  5. Schelle mini decal included.
  6. Fits B5M only.

SCH1083_4 SCH1083_3 SCH1083_2 SCH1082_4 SCH1082_2 SCH1082_1

*Schelle recommend using blue thread lock on screws when installing.


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