Loran Whiting Joins Futaba Racing Team

Loran Whiting TRUSTS Futaba

She joins the Futaba racing team for the 2015 season!


It’s not every day that you get to sign internationally recognized winning racers… unless you’re Team Futaba, that is! Many top racers TRUST in Futaba and now we’re adding one more to the roster, Loran Whiting.

Active in the hobby ever since she was old enough to pick up a radio, Loran has been racing competitively for the last thirteen years—and turning an awful lot of heads. She runs a truly jaw-dropping array of classes—1/10 mod electric touring, 1/8 on-road, 1/8 pan car, 1/10 2WD mod buggy, and more to come—but she truly excels in the 1/10 nitro touring class.

With so many classes to race and so many tracks to conquer, why does Loran TRUST Futaba? Let’s let her answer that: “I chose Futaba because my entire family has used Futaba products since we all started racing. I have always had great luck with Futaba and am excited to be given the opportunity to be more involved with the team. I’m looking forward to more success with this great brand.”

Keep an eye out for Loran. She’ll be wherever the 1/10 nitro touring races are hottest, or at her “home” track, Adventure RC in Louisville, KY. Welcome to the team, Loran! We’re glad you TRUST in Futaba, and we trust we’ll see lots of exciting races with you on the podium in 2015!

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