JConcepts – B5 | B5M aluminum wing shim

One of the finer adjustments on the B5 series of vehicle has been the rear wing shim.   Drivers have the option of changing wing angle by changing the direction of the shim or the height by running the shim below or above the wing.   JConcepts is now offering the wing shim as a machined aluminum component, available anodized in blue or black colors.  The edges are finished with a small highlight chamfer where possible to provide that all important glamorous look.


The shim is light-weight and has built in screw bosses on each side which allows the driver to completely secure the shim to the wing with 3mm screws (not included) front and back.  The shim has a built in rake of 3 degrees in one direction and shaped to fit around the stock plastic wing mounts or part of the JConcepts screw-down aluminum wing mount system.  Utilizing the shim in one direction gives the wing zero degrees or in the opposite direction gives 6 degrees of angle.  Placing the shim on top will angle the wing at 3 degrees.  Simply drop the new shim onto the wing mounts for a more rigid assembly and secure if preferred with 3mm screws.



  • CNC Machined
  • Light-weight, rigid feel
  • Anodized with chamfered silver edging
  • Blue or black color options


JConcepts – RC10B5 | B5M aluminum wing shim – blue
Part # – 2357-1
UPC Code – 845937012258
Retail price – $15.00
(Fits – B5 and B5M)


JConcepts – RC10B5 | B5M aluminum wing shim – black
Part # – 2357-2
UPC Code – 845937012265
Retail price – $15.00
(Fits – B5 and B5M)

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