New and Improved MaxAmps 24v Power Supply

MaxAmps is always striving to improve products based on customer feedback. The new MaxAmps 24v power supply is a workhorse that will produce 1150 watts getting you back to the fun fast!


After hearing feedback from some customers regarding the fan noise being too loud, they found a simple solution. These new power supplies now operate quietly. The variable fan will only speed up depending on the power required by the charger you use. These new power supplies keep your charging station as quiet as possible while still providing the highest power available to charge your batteries fast. MaxAmps has also added this new quiet fan as a standard feature on their 12v power supplies.

In addition, based on customer requests, this new 24v power supply comes with a dual output option so that you can operate multiple chargers at the same time from this single power supply.

Available now at:

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