Clean out the competition with the Detox by JConcepts.


Fight toxic track conditions with the Detox by JConcepts. Inevitability, track conditions turn brutal on the 1/8th scale racing scene and JConcepts has answered the bell with a dependable mega tread tire. Closely spaced tread creates the ultimate long main event tire and combined with the compounds such as red, blue and green gives racers an option for just about any temperature requirement.


The design revolves around the center structure which has hefty lugs arranged in a stacked configuration. The lugs have strategically placed cuts and grooves to allow flex in dusty conditions to perform even if the track is deteriorating while a long main is in progress. The outer portion of the tread fits together like building blocks, with shapes placed together that nest well but also work together to flex laterally to provide steadfast side-bite. The tread tapers off cleanly to the outer side-wall giving a smooth transition during hard cornering.


JConcepts drivers Ryan Maifield and Cole Ogden have already used the Detox with amazing success. A 1-2 finish for the duo at the Lone Star Nitro Challenge proved the Detox could easily go the distance deep in the heart of Texas. Cole Ogden used the new tire to TQ and win the Wicked Weekend event in Gainesville, Georgia, and most recently TQ’ed and won the Southern Nationals in West Monroe, Louisiana.


All new tires include the latest insert from JConcepts. The Dirt-Tech insert, popularized by its durable nature and gray color, will give customers the combo package they have been waiting for from JConcepts.



  • JConcepts original tread, available in multiple compounds
  • Strategically placed and nested tread
  • Dense tread for long main events
  • 83mm bead mounting size for 1/8th compatibility
  • Carefully shaped carcass = forward traction
  • Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts


Detox – blue compound

Part # – 3122-01

UPC Code – 845937014009

Retail price – $30.00

(Fits – 83mm 1/8th buggy wheel)


Detox – green compound

Part # – 3122-02

UPC Code – 845937014016

Retail price – $30.00

(Fits – 83mm 1/8th buggy wheel)


Detox – black compound (fits 1/8th buggy)

Part # – 3122-07

UPC Code – 845937014023

Retail price – $30.00

(Fits – 83mm 1/8th buggy wheel)


Detox – red compound (fits 1/8th buggy)

Part # – 3122-08

UPC Code – 845937014078

Retail price – $30.00

(Fits – 83mm 1/8th buggy wheel)


Detox – green compound – white wheel – (pre-mounted)

Part # – 3122-12

UPC Code – 845937014054

Retail price – $35.00

(Fits – 1/8th buggy)


Detox – green compound – yellow wheel – (pre-mounted)

Part # – 3122-22

UPC Code – 845937014061

Retail price – $35.00

(Fits – 1/8th buggy)


3122_800px 3122_800px_alt

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